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15:35 SputnikNews.com 'City-Killer' Asteroid Bigger Than Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza Nearly Misses Earth (Photo, Video)

An asteroid about 100 metres in diameter has become the largest known asteroid to fly by Earth within 1 lunar distance since the start of the year.

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19:52 Ahram Online Video: Egypt's Ramadan and Morocco's Lamjarred trend with 'Ensay'

A new music video produced by Ramadan featuring the Moroccan star has topped the trend in Egypt in few hours

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19:16 Ahram Online In Photos: 1st phase of Roxy Garage inaugurated on the 1,050th National Day of Cairo celebrations

The garage, the first fully mechanized garage of its kind in Egypt - with a final capacity of 1,700 cars, will help reduce congestion in a vital part of the capital

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20:26 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt's Sisi attends graduation ceremony for police cadets

'Dying for the sake of the nation means life,' the interior minister said during the event, as he described the police's approach in working to ensure security for the public

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21:27 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Egypt concludes Nations Cup with glittering closing ceremony

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15:11 Ahram Online In Photos: FIFA chief Infantino visits Egypt's Giza pyramids ahead 2019 AFCON final

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20:10 Ahram Online In Photos: Egyptian play 'King Lear' fully booked in Jeddah

Yehia El-Fakharany congratulated Saudi Arabia 'for their current artistic renaissance' during a presser in Jeddah

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21:13 Ahram Online In Pictures: Egypt opens Naguib Mahfouz Museum

The museum was inaugurated on Sunday, 13 years after the death of Mahfouz

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18:00 RT.com Egypt opens ‘Bent Pyramid’ for 1st time in decades & displays newly-discovered mummies (PHOTOS)

Egypt opened two ancient pyramids south of Cairo to the public for the first time in 54 years, including the unusually-shaped Bent Pyramid which is 4,600 years old and reveals a key step in the evolution of pyramid construction. Read Full Article at RT.com

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22:43 Ahram Online In Photos - Egypt: New museums to open in Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada

The Ministry of Antiquities has ambitious plans to establish and renovate a number of museums in different governorates this year in order to promote tourism in Egypt, writes Nevine El-Aref.

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17:49 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt's antiquities minister, 40 ambassadors inaugurate restored Senefru’s Bent Pyramid in Dahshur

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15:05 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt's President Sisi visits students at the Military Academy in an inspection tour

The president stressed to the cadets that they have a great responsibility as role models for all young Egyptians, on top to their future role in protecting the homeland

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19:00 Ahram Online PHOTO PLZ / ‘I already bought a ticket’, Egyptian fans didn't see it coming

Given Egypt’s historical achievements in AFCON tournaments, many Egyptians did not expect the early exit, accordingly buying tickets for the quarter-finals

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16:27 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt's civil aviation ministry launches experimental operation at New Administrative Capital airport

Ministry officials added that EgyptAir has also opened duty-free shops in both the arrival and departure halls ahead of today's launch

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00:30 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Hosts Egypt suffer shock defeat to exit Nations Cup

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00:28 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Egypt beat Uganda to maintain Nations Cup perfect run

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01:13 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Salah sends Egypt into Nations Cup last 16

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01:41 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Egypt beat Zimbabwe to make winning start of 2019 Nations Cup

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22:39 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Egypt holds lavish opening ceremony for 2019 Africa Cup of Nations

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15:20 Ahram Online In Photos: Egyptian Museum in Tahrir inaugurates new path for the visually impaired

The path was developed by the Archaeological Centre of the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo in collaboration with the Egyptian Museum and the Museo Tattile Statale Omero in Ancona

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15:20 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Cairo International Stadium ready for 2019 AFCON opener on Friday

Egypt and Zimbabwe will kick off the tournament on Friday at the historic stadium, which was home to the Pharaohs' 1986 and 2006 CAN championships; the stadium will host Group A - Egypt, Zimbabwe, DR Congo and Uganda

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00:28 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Egypt defeat Guinea 3-1 in last Nations Cup warm-up

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19:29 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt's Sisi visits national team ahead of AFCON

The president also inspected final preparations before the Nations Cup kicks off on Friday

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17:15 Ahram Online In Videos: A guide to the 2019 African Cup of Nations host cities in Egypt

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17:04 Ahram Online In Photos: African Anti-Corruption Forum in Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh closes with 10 recommendations

They include launching of an African anti-corruption indicator, improving information-sharing on corruption crimes within the continent, and strengthening national anti-corruption bodies

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15:53 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Egypt beat Tanzania in 2019 AFCON warm up

Egypt needed a second-half goal from Ahmed Elmohamady to break down Tanzania in the first of two warm-up games before the African Cup of Nations on home soil

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15:51 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt's Sisi inaugurates African Anti-Corruption Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh

'corruption is one of the major obstacles to economic growth and achieving sustainable development in the continent; it jeopardises the legitimate aspirations of the peoples of Africa towards freedom and equality,' Sisi said

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14:27 Ahram Online VIDEO: A guide to Egypt's 2019 Nations Cup stadiums

Ahram Online provides a small guide to the Egyptian stadiums that will host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations

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00:43 SputnikNews.com Stolen Statue? Egypt Demands Britain, Auction House Halt Sale of King Tut Bust (PHOTO)

The anticipated million-dollar auction in London of an 11-inch statue of Pharaoh Tutankhamun may not go as planned next month, as the Egyptian Foreign Ministry has ordered UK authorities and UN officials put a stop to the sale, claiming the artifact may have been stolen from their country.

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19:45 SputnikNews.com ‘Twin Sphinx’ May Be Hidden in Egyptian Sands, New Theory Hints (VIDEO)

The proponents of the “second Sphinx” theory note that during some periods of time the monument was covered in sand and not seen at all, and that certain artefacts actually depict two sphinxes instead of just one.

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18:34 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Egyptians celebrate after Eid Al-Fitr prayer

The Eid Al-Fitr holiday, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, is observed with celebrations throughout the Islamic world

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00:37 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Salah makes history after becoming first Egyptian to win European Champions League

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19:09 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt's Nasser fellowship programme attracts over a thousand young African applicants

Egypt's youth and sports ministry said in a press release that the applicants represented 51 African countries and their average age was 28; a hundred were selected to join the fellowship

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17:26 Ahram Online UAE honours Egyptian icons for 2019 Year of Tolerance / Photos on gmail and hotmail

UAE honoured Egyptian icons to mark the Year of Tolerance

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15:32 RT.com 'Egyptian Kings need sleep too!': Liverpool ace Mo Salah filmed napping on plane floor (VIDEO)

Egyptian flyer Mo Salah enjoyed another exemplary season for Liverpool but appears to be in need of a rest ahead of the Champions League Final against Spurs as he was recorded sleeping on the floor of a plane on a trip to Spain. Read Full Article at RT.com

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11:40 News24 World News24.com | Egypt blast | Europe protests: WATCH the top World news videos for today

South Africans injured in Egypt blast | Thousands march in European protests; here are the top World news videos for today. WATCH THEM NOW.

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15:07 Ahram Online Photo Gallery: Egypt's Al-Azhar marks 1,079 years since founding

Egypt's Al-Azhar hosted a grand celebration on Sunday to mark the 1,079th anniversary of its foundation in the year 970 AD, 359 on the Islamic Hijri calendar

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12:56 FarsNews.com White Helmets, Tahrir Al-Sham Terrorists Preparing to Produce Video on False-Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib

TEHRAN (FNA)- The White Helmets and Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorists are preparing to produce a video on a false-flag chemical operation in Western Idlib in a bid to accuse the Syrian Army of orchestrating the attack, media sources said.

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19:24 Ahram Online Video: Van Damme praises Egypt's Mohamed Ramadan

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18:19 Space.com Watch Egyptian Desert Transform As Crop Circles Sprout in Time-Lapse Video

A new time-lapse video shows hundreds of dark crop circles springing up in the Egyptian desert. It uses a series of satellite images dating back to 1998.

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17:57 Ahram Online Egyptian architect Hamdy El-Setouhy wins first prize at Italy’s Human Heritage of the Mediterranean awards/ Photos on gmail and hotmail

The awards ceremony took place on 4 April in Sardinia

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12:54 SputnikNews.com Ancient Egyptian Tombs and Coffins Discovered Near Giza Pyramids (PHOTO, VIDEO)

According to the inscriptions, the ancient tomb contains the mummified remains of two men - a priest and an official - who allegedly lived at the time of the builders of the first pyramids.

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03:41 RT.com Well-preserved statues & coffins of Ancient Egypt ‘big wigs’ unearthed at 4,500 yo cemetery (VIDEO)

Statues made of high-quality limestone, picturesque wooden masks and intact colorful sarcophagi have been found at a newly-discovered burial site near the pyramids at Giza. Researchers have said the find dates back to 2,500 BC. Read Full Article at RT.com

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20:24 Ahram Online In Photos: Egyptian pop singers celebrate Easter with concerts

Amr Diab, Tamer Hosni, Angham, Sharmoofers, Mohamed Fouad, Hisham Abbas, Hamada Helal and many other Egyptian pop stars performed this week

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15:19 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Zamalek handball team celebrates their 18th Egyptian league title

Zamalek won their 18th Egyptian league title after defeating rivals Ahly 21-18 in the final matchday in Cairo on Sunday

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16:59 Ahram Online Korea’s 2017 Miss Universe attends Korean beauty fair in Cairo / Photos on gmail and hotmail

The beauty queen gave a demonstration of Korean makeup techniques

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14:07 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Good morning, Sinai: Rare photo collection

With this month marking Sinai Liberation Day on 25 April, Ahram Online shares rare photos of the Land of Turquoise and its inhabitants

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15:14 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt's star Salah shines at Time 100 Gala in New York

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14:57 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY : Egyptians cast their votes during second day of constitutional amendments referendum

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15:43 Ahram Online Egyptian journalist Vivian Salama is Kahlil Gibran Spirit of Humanity Awards Gala’s Master of Ceremonies in Washington D.C/ Photo on email

The gala will be held on 2 May at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C

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18:09 SputnikNews.com Good Timing: Egypt Unveils 3,500-Year Old Tomb on World Heritage Day (PHOTOS)

The person interred in the tomb is believed to have been a royal master of seals for ancient kings of Upper and Lower Egypt.

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18:05 Ahram Online In Photos: Egyptians abroad begin voting in constitutional referendum

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21:57 SputnikNews.com Passenger Train Derails in North Egypt, About 30 Injured (PHOTO)

CAIRO (Sputnik) - Around 30 people received injuries as a result of a passenger train derailing in the northern Egyptian province of Kafr El-Shaikh, the Egyptian Masrawy news portal reported on Thursday.

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22:55 South China Morning Post Stunning pictures show inside of 4,000-year-old ancient Egyptian tomb

In a major archaeological discovery, Egypt on Saturday unveiled the tomb of a Fifth Dynasty official adorned with colourful reliefs and well preserved inscriptions.The tomb, near Saqqara, a vast necropolis south of Cairo, belonged to a senior official named Khuwy who is believed to have been a nobleman during the Fifth Dynasty, which ruled over Egypt about 4,300 years ago.“The L-shaped Khuwy tomb starts with a small corridor heading downwards into an antechamber and from there a larger chamber…

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18:44 SputnikNews.com Trump REVEALS How Egypt's Wonder of the World Amazed Melania (PHOTOS)

The US president made the comments during his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s recent visit to the White House, where the two focused on bilateral security and trade.

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20:56 Ahram Online In Photos: Ptolemaic-era tomb discovered in Upper Egypt’s Sohag

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14:18 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt's renowned actor Yehia El-Fakharany to return as King Lear

El-Fakharany will be accompanied by many famous actors at Cairo performance of King Lear, including Farouk El-Fishawy and Mohamed Farrag

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14:46 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: All finalists of the Aga Khan Music Awards in Performance, Egypt's Mustafa Said as winner

Mustafa Said, Egyptian oud player and composer was announced winner of the inaugural edition of Aga Khan Music Awards

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18:37 Ahram Online VIDEO: Egypt's Parliament holds fourth social dialogue on proposed amendments of constitution

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19:34 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt's Sisi and Abu Dhabi crown prince tour under-construction New El-Alamein City

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12:40 Ahram Online photo/President Sisi, Abu Dhabi crown prince call for greater cooperation against interference during Egypt talks

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Al-Nahyan said the UAE lends special attention to boosting ties with Egypt, considering it the linchpin of security and stability in the region

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14:18 LiveScience.com Photos: Discoveries at Wadi el-Hudi, an Ancient Egyptian Settlement

Archaeologists have discovered more than 100 inscriptions at an ancient Egyptian site that served as an amethyst mine.

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21:17 Yahoo.com Business Historical Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty photos released on 40th anniversary of accord

The release of the behind-the-scenes photographs comes on the 40th anniversary of the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty.

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20:16 Ahram Online In Photos: Algerian Karima Nayt rocks the opera's stage with Egypt's Fathy Salama

In their 'Wahdani' album release concert held on Sunday, the musicians received remarkable applause by attendees

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18:56 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt, French ministers open landmark Paris Tutankhamun show

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17:36 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: New Ukrainian-made tram arrives in Egypt's Alexandria

Commuters in Egypt's second largest city are now using a new tram made by Ukrainian tram manufacturer Tatra-Yug

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15:11 SputnikNews.com Up to 10 Reportedly Killed in Blast at Phosphate Plant in Western Egypt (PHOTOS)

CAIRO (Sputnik) - Eight workers were killed and seven others injured as a reservoir exploded at a phosphate plant in western Egypt, the newspaper Youm7 reported on Thursday.

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00:14 Ahram Online Video: Basem Darwisch's Cairo Steps release new single Café Groppi

Darwisch's new composition is called Café Groppi and was inspired by a time 'when Egypt's capital was the centre of the world'

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21:48 Ahram Online Video: Bassem Darwisch's Cairo Steps release new single Café Groppi

Darwisch's new composition is called Café Groppi and was inspired by a time 'when Egypt's capital was the centre of the world'

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20:14 Ahram Online In Photos: Two Cairo theatres reopen with three premieres

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17:19 Ahram Online In Pictures: Egypt's Sisi visits Aswan's Philae Temple

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16:27 Ahram Online In Pictures: Red Hot Chili Peppers rock Egypt's pyramids

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17:53 Ahram Online Indian embassy holds India-Egypt business seminars as part of Nile Festival/Photo on email

On Sunday, a seminar titled “Know India’s Tourism” will take place at Cairo’s Grand Nile Hotel

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11:29 TheDailyNewsEgypt.com Video: Hisham Talaat among the 50 most influential figures in the Egyptian economy, why?

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15:00 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Opening of Sharm El-Sheikh Asian Film Festival

With Asian shows, celebrities on the red carpet and events honouring filmmakers and cinema icons, including Souad Hosni, the Sharm El-Sheikh Asian Film Festival kicks off on its third edition

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13:34 Ahram Online In photos: Egypt's El-Sherbini, Farag snatch squash World Championships titles

Egypt bags a double win as its leading male and female squash stars prevail in Chicago

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21:19 Ahram Online VIDEO: Footage shows moments leading to deadly train crash in Egypt

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16:27 Ahram Online UPDATE 6 (VIDEO): 20 dead in Cairo's Railway Station blaze; transportation minister resigns

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22:46 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY : Molasses, Egypt's black honey

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14:18 Ahram Online Rare photos show early 20th century Egypt through Australian eyes

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16:57 LiveScience.com Photos: Teen's Skeleton Buried Next to Pyramid in Egypt

Archaeologists have discovered the skeleton of a girl who was around 13 years of age when she died. Here's a look at the remains, the cemetery and the mysterious pyramid near where she was buried.

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16:08 Ahram Online Egyptian authorities investigate four students for allegedly mocking Christians in YouTube video

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15:57 Ahram Online Egyptian authorities investigate four people for allegedly mocking Christians in YouTube video

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14:12 Ahram Online In Photos: Egyptian star Adel Emam begins shooting Ramadan drama Valentino

The rumours that the megastar's new series had been postponed are not true

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02:02 SputnikNews.com Dozens of Mummies, Including Children, Discovered in Egypt (PHOTO, VIDEO)

With a stunning new find, Egypt has recently reinvigorated global interest in its former status as an archaeological mecca after suffering through a painful uprising in 2011.

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15:12 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Egypt opens new international airport in Giza

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13:51 SputnikNews.com Massive Sandstorm Hits Cairo, Paints Sky Orange (PHOTOS)

The phenomenon prompted the closure of ports in Alexandria and Suez, while some flights at Cairo Airport were reportedly delayed.

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22:24 Ahram Online In Photos: Sisi stresses Egypt's support for South Sudan's stability in meeting with Kiir

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17:48 FoxNews.com Amazing pictures show huge sandstorm turn Cairo orange

Cairo was turned orange on Wednesday as a massive sandstorm blanketed the city in a cloud of dust.

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01:08 BBC In pictures: Cairo turns orange as sandstorm sweeps Egypt

Strong winds bring thick dust to the Egyptian capital, forcing people to find cover.

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16:57 South China Morning Post Egyptian university overturns expulsion of student over video of hug

An Egyptian university has overturned its decision to expel a male student over hugging his female friend on campus, in an incident that sparked controversy in the conservative country. The young man appeared in a video carrying a bouquet of flowers kneeling before a woman and then hugging her, in what was meant to be a marriage proposal. The footage was widely circulated online earlier this month and initially prompted the expulsion of both students from their respective universities. But late...

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16:56 Ahram Online In Photos: It's snowing in Egypt's Saint Catherine, South Sinai

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16:45 Ahram Online In Pictures: It's snowing in Egypt's Saint Catherine, South Sinai

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15:54 Ahram Online PHOTO GALLERY: Egypt's Sisi inaugurates Nativity of the Christ Cathedral, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque in New Administrative Capital

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15:54 Ahram Online Egypt launch video to back bid to host 2019 African Cup of Nations

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17:45 Ahram Online In Photos: Egypt's largest mosque prepares for opening in January

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01:33 Jerusalem Post Two-year sentence upheld for Egyptian activist who posted critical video

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23:06 Reuters Two-year sentence upheld for Egyptian activist who posted critical video

An Egyptian appeals court on Sunday imposed a two-year prison sentence against an activist who accused authorities in a video of not protecting women from sexual harassment, her husband said, days after she was freed over a separate case.

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22:57 Jerusalem Post Two-year sentence upheld for Egyptian activist who posted critical video

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16:24 Ahram Online In photos: Egyptian Red Crescent provides psychological support to victims of bus blast

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